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Cardinal Sailing specializes in inland and near-coastal deliveries of sail and power boats up to 60 feet. If you are moving a sailboat, we are happy to move traditional as well as modern boats. We are as equally at home on a a gaff-rigged schooner as a Bermuda rigged sloop.

Our home waters stretch from Southern New England through the Chesapeake Bay, from Cape Cod to Cape Charles.


• Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds
• Buzzards Bay
• Block Island Sound
• Long Island Sound
• Long Island South Shore
• East River
• Hudson River
• New York Harbor
• Sandy Hook and Raritan Bay
• Jersey Shore and Intracoastal Waterway
• Delaware River and Bay
• Chesapeake Bay and tributaries

We are more than willing and able to move boats outside of our "home" area. Costs may be higher as additional time may be assessed for crew travel time to or from the boat.

What to expect


We will provide crew consisting of a trip Captain and any additional crew necessary to ensure an efficient and safe delivery of your boat.

We will create a float plan for the delivery, outlining the most likely route to be used, as well as any alternative routes that may be used based on changes in weather conditions, boat issues, etc. The float plan will also contain a link to live tracking web page showing positions reported by a SPOT transponder which will be aboard and updating our position whenever the boat is underway. You will always know exactly where your boat is.

The crew will travel to your boat's location the day prior to the scheduled departure. They will inspect your boat utilizing a pre-departure check list. The purpose of this inspection is to allow the crew to familiarize themselves with the layout and operations of your boat and assess the overall condition of your boat prior to departure. Critical deficiencies will be corrected prior to departure. You will be furnished the check-list upon booking a delivery. Identifying and fixing any deficiencies prior to crew arrival will reduce the likelyhood of a departure delay.

Crew will fill water, propane, if deemed necessary, and fuel tanks. Crew will pump out black-water holding tank. Depending on the delivery length and size of on-board fuel tanks, the crew will obtain and fill additional five-gallon diesel fuel cans to be carried on deck as a fuel reserve.


We are more than happy to simply deliver your boat for you, or have you join us on the delivery. Deliveries can be an extremely educational experience.

Unless your boat is equipped with the necessary emergency offshore equipment, we will follow an inland and near coastal route during the delivery. In general your boat will be within VHF reach of emergency services.

Depending on schedules, weather conditions and your preference, if you are aboard with us, we may run during daylight hours or straight through 24/7, and be crewed accordingly. In general, there will always be at least two Cardinal Sailing crew aboard while underway. Depending on the type of boat and the delivery schedule their may be as many as four.

Delivery Estimates and Fees

Estimates are based on expected hours underway calculated using an estimated boat speed and the distance of a direct route to the destination.

Fees invoiced are based on actual time underway, billed in half day increments. Any delays due to weather or other issues beyond the control of the crew are billed at normal rates.

Give us a call at 609-439-6094 or drop us an email at for a free estimate.

Cost Reimbursements

Owner is responsible for any expenses incurred relating to the trip. These would include but are not limited to:

†towing costs can get expensive. It is strongly recommended that owners subscribe to a towing service like SeaTow or Towboat US. The annual charges are very reasonable considering the cost of a tow.

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